About us. What it means "Like the sun".



To create the largest photovoltaic power installation in the world which will operate 24/7 - thanks to our own technologies connecting all the photovoltaic power installations as it were a single large plant.

we are daily involved with research activities touching different fields:
the Technical field, by using avant-garde solutions and investing larger and larger amount of resources in research activities and development projects.
the Political field, since we select the most politically and socio-economically stable Countries which are willing to invest on renewable energy.
The economic field, by setting an highly scalable and reliable business.

The environmental sphere by considering the needs of each place Power Cloud Inc. operates in. The development model of the project is based on renewable and green technology and links technical innovation with community involvement. The aim is to bring firms and people on the same side for the purpose: to attain sustainable growth through global thinking and local acting, being sure that renewable sources are 'everywhere' more and more competitive if compared to traditional ones.

Having an active photovoltaic power installation in each Country of the world by 2025.

This is the aim to achieve in the future in which we see Nature as the enormous opportunity to take to enhance economic growth and social well-being.
Optimizing benefits from the combination of economy, environment and local governmental policies, Power Clouds Inc. will be increasingly involved in a change which is already clearly a landmark change: the way power is generated and its ownership.
The Sun is heating the Earth by its rays for further five billion years. In the power of the star, we have seen the challenge which is becoming an unavoidable need: the green economy.
We – together with our investors - are ready to meet this challenge.